Gala Event Planning

You want your next gala event to be the event of the year. Whether you’re a company or a charity organisation, you want to hold an event that will attract the attention of all the right people. How can you come up with ideas that haven’t been done to death by other organisations? How can you deliver the “wow factor” for your organisation’s gala?

Call on Scope Productions. Our gala event planners have more than 20 years’ experience delivering just that. We choose our gala event management employees for their passion for producing world-class events, as well as for their imagination and innovation. It’s no wonder that our team delivers on big ideas that mesmerise the crowds at every event they manage.

When It Comes to Gala Events, Your Imagination Is the Limit

Gala events of all sizes: Scope Productions offers gala event planning for events large and small. From an intimate ceremony to an eye catching gala dinner, we deliver in spades the innovation and creativity expected at such a high-end event.

Gala events for all budgets: Even if your organisation has budget challenges, we can work within it to come up with an event that will enchant all its attendees—and make those who don’t attend wish they did. Our gala event planning team will design your event around your budget.

Events that focus on your message: Your gala needs to embody your organisation’s brand. We get that. You’re holding the gala to draw attention to a cause, to honour someone for a grand achievement, or to raise money to help others. We keep that in mind, yet make your gala a place where people will have fun while never forgetting your message. From the design to the menu to the entertainment, a Scope Productions-planned event will put your message on centre stage.

Events that showcase the magic of helping others: Have a wild imagination? So does our gala event planning team. If you can dream it, we can do it—and do it well. Some of the wildest ideas become our most successful events. When the theme captures the imagination of an event’s attendees, magic happens. We’re experts in making magic happen for a good cause.

Gala Event Planning You Can Count On

Our gala events run like clockwork: We’ll sit down with you and your co-chairs to decide on a venue, theme, menu, and entertainment. Once we’ve settled on the direction you want the event to take, we’ll go to work to make it happen. We’ll arrange for a caterer who will design a menu to your specifications, create décor that accentuates your theme, top-flight entertainment for your guests. We’ll take care of the technical details—the audio-visual, the arrangements for entertainers’ lodging—even lodging for overnight guests who have travelled from afar to attend. Once the event starts, we’ll be there to make sure that every aspect of the event runs smoothly and professionally.

Our gala events get results: Because we have such a sterling reputation in the event industry, people know that a Scope Productions event is not to be missed. Whether you are holding your gala to showcase your products or to help the less fortunate, our list of contacts can help get the people you want to the event and ensure they have a great time. Unforgettable events mean success for your organisation.

Great gala events don’t just happen. They’re a product of the most careful planning and professionalism. For a team of gala event planners that can make your event the best event of the year, contact us today.


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