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What Goes On Behind The Scenes In Corporate Videography?

As a video production company in Sydney, we are well versed in how corporate videos are made. But of course, the majority of our clients are not experts in corporate videography and we therefore often get asked what exactly goes into making a corporate or corporate event video.

So to help you understand the process, let’s take a look at exactly what you’ll encounter when you produce a corporate video.

Planning and pre-production

Pre-Production Activities

Whether it’s a corporate video or a giant blockbuster movie, the film making process can generally be split into three distinct phases. The first of these is referred to in the industry as ‘pre-production’ or ‘prep’. In normal terms, this is essentially the planning phase.

Our role as a video production company in Sydney is to get to know our clients’ business. In order to create a corporate video that reflects the values and goals of any given business, we need to know those values inside-out before the cameras start rolling. So naturally, the first step for us is to meet with key stakeholders within the business to find out what our clients want and need.

After we’ve become clear on what our clients want, we then start planning the concept and content. Things like who will be speaking in the video? Are there any upcoming events that need to be filmed? How many cameras or angles will be required?

All of these things are discussed and ironed out in the planning phase. By the end of this process, we would have worked to formulate a script and have a clear plan and schedule in place so that everybody knows exactly what’s going to happen.


Video Production

The production phase is the actual filming process itself. This can vary depending on your requirements. It may be as simple as one person sitting in front of one camera reading from an autocue or it could require multiple cameras covering a large-scale event.

Our job is to make things work as efficiently as possible. We understand that making a corporate video isn’t your every-day job so we plan carefully to fit around your needs so that disruption is minimal. We brief all participants thoroughly so they understand what is happening and we work tirelessly to make sure we get all of the footage we need to produce a fabulous end product.


Post Production

In modern-day video production, this is where a lot of the magic happens. This is when the footage is edited. It’s where music and titles are added as well as animation or any other elements required to make a slick flawless and attention-grabbing video.

Clients can be as involved as they want in the editing process. For us, it involves a lot of time tweaking and fine-tuning in front of a computer so it won’t interrupt your business operations at all. You are however encouraged to share your thoughts. Our job is to produce a video that truly reflects your company so it’s extremely important to us that we get your feedback before finalising the finished product.


Corporate video production can come in various shapes and sizes. For some, it’s a simple process, whereas for others it involves shooting in many locations with various personnel. Our job is to work efficiently whilst also delivering an outstanding end product. For that to happen, we work closely with our clients to really understand what they want and need. This close relationship is what makes us different to other video production companies and it’s what we pride ourselves on as a business.