Looking for help with your fundraising event planning? Look no further. Scope Productions can help you. Our fundraising event planning team has worked with many charities and non-profit organisations to plan events that raise awareness and much-needed funds.

We understand charity event planning is different to organising regular events. It is crucial to minimise operational costs and maximise donations. We will help you create an outstanding event on a small budget using our years of experience and exclusive industry-supplier discounts.

Our non-profit event management team will plan your charity event with meticulous attention to detail to expose your cause, enhance publicity and ensure you raise funds for your organisation.

Non-profit event planning takes time, so we start planning well ahead of the event to guarantee everything runs smoothly.

1. Define your goals for the event

If you are putting on a fundraiser, you will have a particular figure in mind of how much you would like to raise. Remember that you will need to deduct your expenses, so deciding on a budget early for the event is paramount. If the key purpose is to gain publicity, keep in mind how you will achieve maximum exposure for your cause.

2. Choose a theme or type of event

Choosing a theme for your event helps you plan more effectively. Charity events are more successful when they are fun and entertaining, even when you are raising money for a serious cause. Think about running a casino night or gala dinner, or pick a theme to tune in with your entertainment and styling. Stuck for ideas? No need to worry. As experienced charity event planners, we are excited to help.

3. Contact partners and sponsors

Engaging with external vendors and local businesses can help keep costs low. They will supply food, drink and other event supplies in exchange for promotion of their business at the event.

4. Draw up a plan

If you haven’t done this already, now is the time to involve a charity event management team. Scope Productions will orchestrate your ideas, seeing them through from vision to reality. Our team will source and book a venue, organise styling, audio visual, catering and entertainment, all while staying within budget.

5. Market and sell your event

One of the most important elements planning a charity event is ensuring it is well attended. Advertise the event well in advance on social media, via ambassadors, other businesses and any other marketing channels you have. If you are selling tickets try to sell as many as possible before the event rather than at the door.

If you think this is all overwhelming for you and sounds like a lot of hard work, you’d be right. Take the stress out of planning and managing a charity event and take advantage of the event planning team at Scope Productions, one of Sydney’s leading charity event management companies in the industry. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.


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