Gala Event

How to Plan a Gala Event That Will Be Cherished For Years?

Planning a gala event requires a lot of effort, even if you have planned one before. As your guests probably attend many gala events and fundraisers, you need to make sure that you deliver an experience of a lifetime.

The ideal gala requires seeking a lot of sponsorships and finding the perfect creative event management company to carry out all the tasks professionally.

Here are a few basic steps to cover when planning a memorable gala event.

1) Outline the Purpose of Your Gala

The first step of planning any event is establishing its goals and objectives as it eases the planning process. For instance, if the purpose of your gala is fundraising, it might be easier to reach out for financial support and sponsorships. This will also help you determine your guest list, the beneficiaries for the event and so on.

2) Estimate the Costs

The second step of the process includes determining the overall financial costs. If you have hired an event management agency, you can tell them the estimated number of guests and get a quotation. Moreover, this will also help you calculate the feasibility of the event.

3) Select a Venue

The venue of your event plays a big role in making it successful. Make sure that you choose a beautiful venue that has the capacity to comfortably accommodate your audience. Moreover, the venue should be spacious enough so that people can interact and mingle since that’s what a gala is all about. Depending on the weather and the theme of the event, you can decide on whether you want to have your gala indoors or outdoors.

4) Pick and Set a Theme

Galas are all about the theme! If you want people to remember your gala for years to come, you need to select a brilliant and unique theme. If you’re opting for event management services, make sure to get some ideas from your planners. There are a variety of themes you can select from, including masquerade, Christmas, medieval, etc. Make sure that all your decorations fall in line with the theme. Moreover, you will also have to set specific dress code to suit the theme.

5) Catering

Another highly important element of your gala event is catering. You can contact different catering companies and services or you can ask your event management agency to figure something out since they have a lot of contacts. Offering your guests a specialised menu to compliment their event experience is essential. Moreover, make sure to have a diverse menu that includes vegetarian and vegan options.

6) Design Invitations

The invitations of the gala are the first thing that guests will see; make sure you create a good impression! The invitation should be tastefully designed according to the event theme and should contain all important information such as the dress code, theme, planned activities, venue, etc.

7) Plan Activities

A successful and memorable gala entails a lot of relevant activities and entertainment. Some music, such as a live band with a great dance floor is always a good idea to keep the audience entertained. Moreover, if it’s a fundraising gala, a silent auction or a raffle is also preferable. Whatever your event management plan entails, make sure it goes well with the theme!

8) Pay Attention to the Decorations

The final yet super-important step in the gala planning process is deciding on the decorations. Once you’ve decided on a theme, selecting the perfect decorations is an easy task. Make sure to keep things simple yet elegant, depending on the theme. Incorporate more unique centrepieces and props to carve a visually-stunning ambience and experience for your audience.

Planning a successful gala requires a lot of planning and preparation. You need to ensure that the event runs smoothly until the very last guest leaves the venue. If you hire a great event management agency, you won’t have to worry about anything except entertaining your guests!