Types Of Videos

Types Of Videos To Make According To Your Marketing Goals

Video content is everything at the moment. Whatever kind of business you run, having an online presence is key to your survival and video content should be at the top of your marketing priority list. But what exactly should your video marketing goals be? And what kind of videos should you be creating in order to engage the right audience in the right way?

Whether you pay a video production company to help or prefer to go it alone, here are some of our top tips to help you get the best out of your video content.

Raising your company profile

Today’s customer doesn’t necessarily respond well to being oversold to. With that in mind, sometimes having content purely for your audience’s amusement, entertainment or information is just as powerful as videos directly promoting your products or services.

The great thing about these kinds of videos is that they can be anything you want them to be. The main idea is to appeal to a broad audience. So for example, if you are a coffee supplier in Sydney, it could be an interesting behind-the-scenes look at how your coffee is made, a quirky video introducing your CEO, a funny compilation of your delivery drivers singing in their trucks or a slick video-list made by a video production company about what your coffee preference says about your personality.

It could even be a funny or informative video you found online that you simply share with your social media followers. As long as it provides something to your audiences like information or entertainment, it will help to raise your company profile and introduce you to new potential customers.

Interactive And Engaging Video

Engaging your audience

Once you’ve established an audience or customer base, you want to gain some engagement or interaction from them. Funny or ‘how to’ videos (or a combination of both) are particularly effective when it comes to drawing your audience in.

Whether you decide to do a weekly Vlog on your social media channels or a monthly video e-mail newsletter to your subscribers, always encourage people to get involved by commenting on the video, sharing it with friends or clicking on a link to your website. Whatever it is you want your audience to do, make sure you spell it out in a clear ‘call to action’. Make it as simple as possible for your audience to engage with your video content.

Educating your customers

The modern customer wants more from their products and services than ever before. They invest in brands that inform, entertain and add value to their lives. And with that in mind, creating video content that educates your audience is usually a pretty good way of gaining customer loyalty.

Educational videos are also useful for businesses and companies that provide complex products or services. This can be your opportunity to explain your product and spell out exactly why your audience needs it.

Educating Video

It could be a simple Ted Talk style video lecture on a certain topic or a how-to tutorial. It could even be a live Q&A video with your CEO, celebrity ambassador or an interesting staff member. Anything that adds value to your brand.


Video is a fantastic way of packing a lot of information into a short clip. It’s great for grabbing your audience’s attention, encouraging engagement and relaying important information. Whether you simply want to entertain your audience or provide them with hard facts and information, you can create a video to fit your needs.

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