Planning An Event? Have A Contingency Plan For Emergencies

A famous poet once said, “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry”. Or to quote Woody Allen…. “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”

If you’ve ever worked in the event management business, you’ll know that truer words have never been spoken. Despite our best efforts and meticulous planning, barely anything in life ever actually goes according to plan. And that’s why a contingency option is essential for both your business and your mental health!

But of course, if you don’t run an event management company or you’ve never had the pleasure (or stress) of throwing a big event before, you may need a bit more convincing. So to help you adequately prepare and keep your sanity, let’s take a look at some of the major reasons you should have a contingency plan for your next event.

1) Weather

You’d think by now that we’d be able to accurately predict the weather, but despite scientific advancements, we’re still thrown curveballs on a regular basis. And with climate change, we’re seeing more and more crazy and unpredictable weather.

Having a contingency plan for bad weather therefore just makes good sense. Particularly if you are throwing an outdoor event, you need to consider shelter from the sun and/or options in case of rain or strong winds. When it comes to planning outdoor events, always imagine the worst-case scenario and work your way back!

Raining On Event Day

2) Sickness

Whether it’s you, half your staff or the major celebrity you booked as the main speaker at your event, sometimes people get sick at the very worst times. Having a contingency plan from missing staff and alternative entertainment options just in case is therefore just good planning.

Experienced planners are of course all too familiar with these kinds of challenges in event management and will, therefore, have secured a few extra staff as a precaution. That way, if any issues arise there will always be plenty of personnel available to resolve them.

A great event management company will also have a designated troubleshooter on the day of the event. Someone whose entire job is to be available to solve any last-minute issues that arise.

3) Equipment malfunction

It doesn’t matter how many times you practice that powerpoint presentation or test the video on the projector, something can still go wrong on the day. To avoid any embarrassment or delays to proceedings, make sure you have a back-up sound system, extra cables and technicians available in case things need troubleshooting.

4) Injuries & Emergencies

Whether it’s a trip and fall or a guest having an unexpected heart attack, you may have to deal with a medical emergency. Having someone (or several people) on-site who are trained in first aid is therefore vital.

Whilst you hope that nothing of this nature occurs, if it does you need to prepared and able to deal with it quickly, calmly and efficiently. Not only will this ensure that your event isn’t ruined but it could actually save someone’s life.

Emergency Prep For The Event

Are you convinced yet?

It doesn’t matter how much you prepare, something always goes wrong. And whilst good event planners can think on their feet and troubleshoot any issues, the best ones will have several contingency plans in place to minimise the risk.

So don’t let your next big event get ruined by emergencies and unforeseen circumstances. Hire an event management team and let them do all the worrying and planning for you!