Professional Training Video Production

Why You Should Get Training Videos Made

When many of us hear the words training video, we automatically think of awkwardly performed and cringeworthy corporate videos from the 1980s. But training videos have come a long way since the era of mullets and shoulder pads. Nowadays, videos are far more slick and effective (especially with the help of a professional training video production company). And, with the rise of streaming giants like YouTube and Netflix, we’re experiencing an unprecedented and insatiable demand for video content in every aspect of modern life.

But video isn’t just a great way to keep up with the times. It actually has many other benefits that could really help your business. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at three reasons you should seriously consider making training videos.

Information retention

Great training videos are far more than a tick-box exercise. If you’re spending the time and effort on training your staff, you want them to remember the information and use it in their day to day activities.

Some research suggests that people actually retain more information after watching a video. According to this research, hearing information generally yields a 10% retention rate whereas hearing something when it’s accompanied by relevant imagery yields around 65%. So put simply, your staff will remember 55% more information by watching a video than they would by just reading or hearing it.


Training videos can help get your message across quicker and more effectively. Whereas page after page of dry lists of best practices and examples will take hours to get through, a video can get the same (if not more) information across in a fraction of the time. Staff may lose interest in lengthy workshops and simply put off dull paperwork, but a sharp and well-edited video will have your staff trained and back to work in no time.

Training videos are also automated so they don’t require any monitoring or marking like paperwork does, and it doesn’t require a teacher like training workshops do. Training videos could therefore not only help get your staff up to speed quickly, but they could also reduce costs and increase your overall productivity.


Employees these days have their choice of employers. They’re pickier and generally value happiness over job security. Today’s employees will walk away from a job if they’re not 100% happy or excited about it.

So when it comes to making first impressions on new staff, having captivating and exciting content is key. Video is a great way to express your company culture in a relatable and engaging way. It’s your chance to demonstrate your values, show your personality and let staff know who you are and what you expect from them. Sure, you could write that down on a welcome e-mail, but it’s hard to express warmth, enthusiasm, ingenuity and authenticity in writing, whereas video is perfect for that.


Video is a great tool for teaching staff in an engaging, fun and effective way. If you need some help with corporate training video production, we’ve got you covered. We can help you with everything from planning the concept right through to the final edit. For more information about our training video production services, give us a call today on 02 9519 3810 for a chat with our awesome team.